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Cheese Stick Pizza

Cheese Stick Pizza

Being in the restaurant industry is extemely tough it is a highly competitve business. Out of all the restaurant types I truely believe the pizza industry is probably the most comepetitive. As stated in the article at restaurantmastering.com you need to set yourself apart from your competition. Here at Dukes Pizza Plus we work hard to set ourselves apart from the competition not only with our customer service but with our different types of pizzas as well.

As you can see from our gourmet pizza menu we have many different types of pizzas that you won't find at many other pizza places. Everyone tries to be different but todays day in age its hard to really come up with something new. 

I can honsestly say I have never seen this pizza at any other pizzeria I have ever been too. We call it the Cheese Stick Pizza. The cheese stick pizza comes with mozzerella cheese sticks, jalapenos, ham, bacon, and red onion. The picture shows it with half jalopeno and the other half mild peppers this picture was taken in the testing phase of things. 

As with anything new you put on the menu it is good to offer it in something else as well. Now you can order 6 mozzerella cheese sticks with a dipping sauce as well. Order right from our website by clicking order now.

Stay tuned for more creatiions from Dukes Pizza Plus as we are always looking and trying differnt combinations to keep our menu fresh.  We also try to have something for all taste buds because not all taste buds our created equally.

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